You Can Buy Anything Online – Even Sex Dolls

The Power of Money in Our Everyday Lives

Every day, life expects us to get up and perform our daily routine of taking a bath, getting breakfast ready, and taking the train to work and earn money. Those are the daily tasks that make us a living robot in our lives. Money’s power is limitless and boundless. It can provide you all the good things life can offer. Even the luxuries that you may crave in the future, or the weirdest things in the world. Money is everything if you think about it.

With money being like a symbol of power in our society, it creates a sense of freedom to how who possesses it. It gives them the power to put their hands on the things they want and to experience life to the fullest. With money, they can even fulfill their greatest fantasies in life. One example is by having a sex doll for personal use. These dolls are available almost everywhere and come at all prices. You can even buy one at online sex stores for your convenience. Indeed, money goes a long way in life.

Living the Life: Enjoying the Greatest Ride

Since sex is a vital part of a person’s life, they have continuously explored new things in this field. People’s curiosity increases at each passing second. They want to try new things and explore more area. They have become adventurous because it adds color to their life. Sex makes them feel the freedom that they want to form their jobs. And because of that, they check online sex stores and purchase sex dolls and sex toys.

In the online world, you can almost find anything that you might need and want. The convenience that the online world gives is truly powerful. It empowers the consumers to have control of their time when shopping without going out of their house. It gives them the freedom to use their cards when purchasing things online. And they can choose to form a wide variety of products without walking the malls and stores outside. Indeed, it is a good time to be alive in this era. Sex and other former taboos are already accepted in the society. People have become more open and understanding to the new things in the world. Because of this, we can say the world now is free and has peace all over it. The diversity of the world is what unites us as one.

How To Choose A Durable Sex Doll

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a sex doll. Don’t feel odd about it, more and more of these love dolls are being sold every year, particularly as their quality (and naturally, their price) increases over time.

Today, you can find just about any style of doll you can imagine: specific ages, nationalities, hair colors, body shapes – even those which resemble your favorite porn actress.

The more specific the sex doll you want, the higher the price you’ll have to pay. That’s the bad. The more you pay, though, the higher-quality the doll will be and the longer she will last. That’s the good.

It goes without saying that paying bottom dollar for a plastic figure with holes that are generally in the right spots isn’t a good way to ensure durability in your sex doll. But not all higher-priced alternatives will be there as a sex companion for the long term.

There are certain qualities to look for.

Finding a Durable Love Doll

The most important consideration when shopping for a sex doll that won’t pop or deflate quickly is the material that it’s made from. The best-quality love dolls you can find are made from medical-grade “macro-molecule” silicone, which means that the material is top quality in and of itself, but is then cured in platinum. Why? That extra treatment stops oily material from seeping out of the doll’s “skin” as months and years pass. If you don’t have the extra money that material costs, you can buy a doll made from thermoplastic elastomer, which won’t last as long but is still good quality.

Believe it or not, sex dolls also have skeletons and they are crucial to the doll’s longevity. PVC or metal is the best choice of material for the skeleton, because they ensure that you won’t crush the doll as you have sex with it. That may sound silly, but that can happen easily with second-rate skeleton material.

The other considerations that will prolong the life of your love doll sound obvious, but are worth thinking about:

  • Don’t handle the doll too roughly (good advice for humans as well as dolls) – she may be flexible, but she isn’t unbreakable
  • Keep sharp objects and flame away from the sex doll
  • Change the doll’s position regularly – not just for sexual satisfaction, but to make sure there isn’t too much stress on her joints over time

Use water-based lubricant which won’t cause the silicone to degrade, and be sure to clean her thoroughly after each use.

TPE vs. Silicone – Which Material Is Better For Making Sex Dolls?

The existence of sex dolls has been going on for years. These products continue to propagate due to the wide range of personal needs for an intimate companion at home. Varieties of sex dolls have come out. In light of all that, there are two major varieties of sex dolls available in the market for years. Both differ in the material used. There are silicon made sex dolls and thermoplastic elastomer made sex dolls.

What are the difference of the two and how can we differentiate and compare these two dolls? To better understand the two materials we need to first define them.

What is Thermoplastic Elastomer?

Thermoplastic elastomer or commonly known as TPE is a low-cost material that is made out of soft and non-toxic ingredients. It came from the class of polymers and co polymers. It is also known as thermoplastic rubber because of its elasticity and soft texture.

What is silicone?

It’s an odourless and non-toxic material that is known for its soft yet elastic texture. It’s a polymer with synthetic compound. The material is processed by repeating the units of siloxane, which is why it is also called polysiloxane.

Stability of material

Both materials have stability levels depending on how they react to their environment and other substances. Thermoplastic elastomer has lower resistance to heat compared to silicone. Silicone has more stable chemical properties so it has high resistance to heat and other chemicals. Thermoplastic elastomer is a plastic and rubber like material which will mostly react to heat and other chemicals.

The silicone however, can react to strong hydrofluoric acid and alkali substance. Although TPE can react to heat and may have odour, it’s recyclable and reusable.

Cost of the material

When it comes to cost, thermoplastic elastomer is cheaper than silicone material. That is why dolls made from silicone or more expensive.

Quality and texture feel

Okay the best thing to rate these materials is how they look and feel on a sex doll. When it comes to looks the silicone looks more real than the thermoplastic elastomer. Although the thermoplastic elastomer can easily be colored and tattooed, the silicone looks more like a real skin than the thermoplastic. When it comes to the feel of it, the silicone is more advantageous since it can simulate real skin like feel on the doll. It also has variety of softness and harness that can be applied on the doll. Silicone material is also safe on skin and is completely odorless.

Do You Need Lubricant To Use A Love Doll?

Let Us Talk About the Sensitive Things

Life has a lot of things to offer upon your sleeve. Life is complicated, messy, and random. It gives us the least of the things that we expect. It provides the weirdest reasons, problems, and even solutions. Not everyone can be prepared for life and its intricate details and parts. The ride to life is mostly bumpy. It can be sad, wet, and gloomy. But at times, life can offer you a piece of heaven. Some days can be sunny and vibrant and pure happiness. If this is the type of your day, you better go grab it and enjoy the golly ride.

With these things mentioned above, it is needed to point out that it is not entirely black and white. There are gray areas as well. In these, people get to decide if it something good, or something that they can tolerate in their life. But some cannot get move on or cannot get past the sensitive parts. They want to skip it. But no one is granted to skip some parts of their life that they find sticky. That is why a lubricant can find useful in such cases. You just got to enjoy the sweet ride of life.

Discoveries for Passion and Love

Some wonders and asks are it really necessary to use lubricant when using a love doll. Well, the answer is yes. It puts everything in place. It makes sex better and smoother on your part. that is why you got to have this useful tool every day and everywhere just in case you need it. 

Love and lovemaking may seem a little bit complicated to some. But there is nothing to worry about. Right now, there are a lot of resources to get yourself known and be educated about these kinds of things. Being ignorant can be a choice if you want. But a lot of good materials are on the market or on the internet so there is no reason to be dumb about it. The good thing about the modern world is its openness to self-love, new adventurous discoveries, and wonderful things that this world can offer. You just have to accept and try new things to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself in your life. Life can be complicated at times but it is still entirely up to you on how you are going to live your life.