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Q: What carpet cleaning process do you use?
A: We use the hot water extraction method commonly called "steam cleaning". This allows us to clean your carpets with child and pet safe solutions, heat, and steam to break down the oils, grease, and dirt that makes its way into your floors. This process also extracts as we go, so that there is not a lot of moisture left in your flooring to allow for a faster dry.


Q: How often should I have my carpet professional cleaned?
A: This can vary depending on how many adults, children and pets live in your home. You should have your carpet cleaned once every 6 to 12 months on average.


Q: Can we walk on the carpet right after its been cleaned?
A: Yes, but we recommend that after your carpet is cleaned you do allow for some dry time. If you choose to walk on your freshly cleaned carpet, make sure you wear footwear (slippers, socks, shoe covers, shoes are O.K. if bottoms are clean). It is also very important that you are careful not to slip when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces.


Q: How far in advance should I make my appointment?
Stainmasters of Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning can often provide same day service if necessary however, the sooner you make your appoint the better. Our business is busiest towards the end of the month when most move-out's occur. By scheduling in advance your desired appointment time will be guaranteed.

Q: How often should I vacuum my carpet?

A: You should vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week. Vacuuming frequently can actually give your carpet long life by not allowing dirt and grime to get deep into the fibers and between the carpet and padding that can actually wear carpet faster especially in high traffic areas. In this instance more is better.


Q: Should I have my carpet protected?
Carpet treated with protector by Stainmasters of Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning will stay clean up to two to three times longer than similar untreated carpeting. Also, uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals on the carpet in order to clean it faster. This will strip the carpet's built in protection and without protection your carpet will become dirty at a much faster rate and be easily stained.


Q: How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?
A: It should take about 2 to 4 hours to dry your freshly cleaned carpet, but it can dry faster with ample air circulation and moisture ventilation. Carpet dries on the same principle as your clothing, the more air the faster. So if weather permitting open windows, turn on vents to air, ceiling fans and portable fans are a great idea also.




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